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Brighter Births Independent Midwifery Postnatal Care

Care and support when you need it the most.

Postnatal Care

Gentle and supportive guidance through the first 8 weeks of life with your new baby

After your baby arrives, I'll be round to see you for a series of warm, at-home visits over 8 weeks, totalling around ten visits. 

For baby: 

  • A top-to-toe physical check every visit, assessing for common ailments and advising. This Includes cord care, skin observations, eye care, nappy rash etc, regular weight check

  • Observing and assisting with breastfeeding to ensure the best positioning and attachment and help you with any problems. Diagnosing tongue tie and referring to further services if required.

  • Advice re: formula feeding/expressing.

  • Advice on settling a crying baby, and how to get the best sleep possible.

  • I can carry out NHS screening for you - no travelling to clinics on day 5!

For you:

  •  Postnatal health check, including blood pressure, perineal stitches and advising on healing and recovery.

  • Caesarean suture removal and advice on recovery.

  • Advice on pain relief and when to take it.

  • Birth debrief, discussing your birth experience and helping you to access your notes if you would like them

  • Emotional support – here for you during the common “baby blues” phase where hormonal changes can cause surges of emotion. Observing emotional wellness and able to refer to further services if required.

  • Helping you understand baby’s cues – sleepy, hungry etc

And whatever else may come up along the way! 

8 weeks of postnatal care: leaving you assured, confident, and fully supported for £2200.

Payment plans available. 

Single Visit

Sometimes, you just want to know you're "doing it right"...

Book a single visit for feeding assistance or to address all your 'is this normal?' questions with your newborn — only £195."

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