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Freebirth: The Power of Choice

Updated: Mar 7

a newborn baby, umbilical cord still attached, is held in their fathers hands.
Baby born straight into Dad's hands

If the idea of a home birth with you and your partner sounds like bliss, freebirth might be the ideal choice for you.

Freebirth (sometimes called Unassisted birth) is legal in the UK. It’s tricky to know how many families opt for this each year, and there is no research/data for this - however, in my little corner of the world, I’ve been involved in two over the last few months.

Freebirth is intentionally giving birth without a midwife or doctor present. You can choose to have anyone with you (partner, friends, family, doula). Still, they shouldn’t be acting in a health provider capacity, e.g. doing vaginal examinations or assessing the baby’s heart rate.

Embracing Autonomy:

Freebirth is rarely a spontaneous decision, with most families spending a long time researching their options during pregnancy. In a society where medical interventions during childbirth have become the norm, freebirth stands out as a bold declaration of a woman’s or birthing person's right to choose. Advocates argue that by opting for an unassisted birth, those giving birth can trust their bodies and experience childbirth on their terms, with their natural instincts taking centre stage.

Breaking Free from Fear:

Fear is a powerful but detrimental force during childbirth, often fueled by the medical environment and the anticipation of interventions. Freebirth advocates say that removing the medical presence can create a more relaxed and fear-free atmosphere, potentially leading to quicker and less painful labour.

Where do Independent Midwives come in?

My role recently with Freebirths has been to do a post-birth check on the mum/birthing person and baby, as well as assisting with paperwork to notify the births (see blog post on Notifying A Freebirth). It can be reassuring to know that someone is waiting for your call to come and give you all a little TLC and support after the journey to meet your baby.

You can book me to ensure a seamless and empowering recovery after your freebirth experience. Get in touch, and together, we can tailor the perfect support plan for your birth.

Find out more about freebirth and access amazing resources here:

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